Tuesday, January 19, 2010



How excited am I to be joining you all at Kaboodle Doodles?! I actually ran around my house and then did a little dance! My little boy was watching me in a slightly concerned fashion. This kind of activity normally only happens if I set the smoke alarm off!

So, I'm Faye and I live in Faye World, a fluffy, alternate reality! If I'm not there, I do visit Earth and you'll find me being a wife to Very Understanding Hubby and Mum to Daniel, who is thirteen months old, just starting to walk and is every bit as mischievous as his Mummy!

When Daniel is sleeping and I'm not, I can be found in my craft snug. I love making cards and have an addiction to stamps and stash. I also have a habit of sneaking illegal and contraband stash packages into the house. I can't help it, I just see so many things I need!

My problems started when I discovered there were no wedding invitations in the shops that I liked and I had the genius idea of making my own. That was in 2004 and other than a baby break, I've not stopped since. I have a suspicion that I could've funded another couple of weddings since then too!

I am so looking forward to playing with and getting to know you all. See you for next weeks challenge...

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